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As a mom who has had health struggles , I have learnt to appreciate and value good health. I have learnt that living healthily is a lifestyle and not just a choice.

 Embracing this attitude and adopting a plant based diet has helped  me  understand the impact  of food in our well-being. What we eat can impact our health positively or negatively  . I have experienced the healing power of a plant based diet hence I have  learnt to prepare healthy plant based meals for my family from scratch and I would love to share my recipes with you.

My aim is to help and teach moms, dad or anyone how to adopt this way of eating and how to prepare healthy plant based meals for their families. Join me and learn more.

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Healthy Chickpea & Corn Salad
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Healthy plant based Recipes that are straight forward and do not require much time and effort to make.

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Healthy  healing plant-based foods that help to build and maintain  optimum physiological performance of the body.

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How to choose and use essential oils to naturally improve your health.

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About Me

Hello there! My name is Edna, I am a wife, a mom of two beautiful boys-Jonathan and Jeremy, and a blogger.

I am passionate about health, finding natural solutions to health problems and I love cooking.

I hope you find this blog educative and more helpful.

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