Almond butter banana smoothie with cocoa and cinnamon .

Almond butter banana Smoothie .

Almond butter banana smoothie is packed with nutrients and is very tasty.

Though this smoothie contains basic ingredients such as almond butter, cocoa powder, cinnamon powder, and bananas it is very satisfying; it will keep you full for longer.

I like making this almond butter smoothie vegan, but you can modify it in whatever way you want to suit your taste.

How to make almond butter banana Smoothie

Place ripe bananas at the base, add two tablespoons of almond butter, a tablespoon of cocoa powder and add your milk.

I used homemade oat milk in mine, but you can use any milk of your choice. Blend this until smooth and to the constituency you like.

I do not particularly appreciate adding sweeteners to my almond butter banana smoothie. I like its mild taste but feel free to add any sweeteners if you want.

Almond butter banana smoothie can be a great addition in your breakfast meal before starting your day.

What are the benefits of almond butter banana Smoothie?

This smoothie is so nutritious ; it has antioxidants and healthy fats for the body.

Almond butter has healthy unsaturated fats that our bodies need.

Both almond butter and bananas are low in the glycemic index, therefore, can help stabilize your blood sugar levels and prevent a spike in blood sugar.

Despite the high amounts of calories, almond butter does not contribute to weight gain.

This is due to its excellent composition of monounsaturated fats that help to prevent the deposit of fats along the artery walls.

Almond butter banana smoothie has much fiber which can aid in digestion and prevent constipation.

This delicious smoothie is also an excellent source of energy it can power our body especially during the early hours of the day.

Smoothies are convenient to make and drink on the go. You only need to put all the ingredients in the blender and set to make the smoothie.

Pack it in a fresh smoothie’s cup and carry it to work with you.

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Let me know if you enjoy this smoothie. Please share in the comments below.

Almond butter banana smoothie with cocoa and cinnamon .

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