Disclosure-Legal and Affiliate disclosure


As a law-abiding individual, I respect the TFC Regulations.

Therefore, since they require me to have an affiliate link and privacy policy disclosure. Because  I would like to continue blogging, I must comply.

Therefore, I have to disclose every payment I get from companies for promoting or reviewing their products. In addition to that, I also get compensation for advertisements on the sites.

This helps me to stay legal and avoid any unnecessary fines or unnecessary convictions.

I love blogging and the flexibility it gives me. It gives me the opportunity to explore my passion from the comfort of my home. I can stay home and take care of my children while earning.

Because I want to continue blogging and to do so I have to abide by the law.

I would like to notify you that some products and services in this site contain affiliate links.

This means that Whenever you click on the link and make a purchase, I will earn a small commission. It will cost you absolutely no extra cost. The commission I get helps me to improve and grow my blog. 

I only recommend products that I have highly researched, trust, and use.

I am also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Program. An affiliate advertising program. This site is designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees. It does this by advertising and linking to Amazon .com.

Privacy policy Disclosure.

Fit healthy mama copyright or its affiliates own all content and images on this site for use on this site only.

Unauthorized use or publication of any content from this blog on other sites or media is prohibited. If you intend to use any, then give full and clear credit to the author.

This privacy policy is subject to change without any notice.

I promise to keep any personal information or email address like my own personal treasure.

I will not share it with any third parties nor use it for other unlawful purposes.

Trust me on this.

Terms and Conditions

Any content on this site is for education and information only. If you wish to use any content in this site, do it at your own risk.

Do not use the information on this site as a substitute for any professional advice or help. I am not a doctor.

I  will not take responsibility for any damage for any attempt to use any information on this site.

Consult with a health professional or your doctor before you try any new form of treatment.

You should as well read the information about the product.

Understand the information provided by the manufacturer or product label before using it.

Please consult prior to using any products recommended on this site.

By accessing this, the site you agree and abide by the terms and conditions.

Thank you for visiting.



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