Essential Oils for Arthritis Pain Relief

10 Essential oils for arthritis pain relief

Essential oils for arthritis pain can reduce inflammation and pain on the affected joints. These oils work by blocking the pain receptors in the brain and relaxing the body.

Arthritis is a common degenerative disease. It causes pain and inflammation to the joint areas. It can also cause weakness, instability, muscle tightness, and spasms on the affected joint. Sometimes it becomes very difficult or painful to move the joint.

Essential oils may not cure arthritis, but they can help relieve pain and discomfort. You can rub these oils on the affected areas, inhale them or add them to your bathwater.

These oils relieve arthritis pain by inducing their anti-inflammatory, analgesic, or relaxation properties to the painful joint.

Here are ten essential oils for arthritis pain relief.

1.Ginger essential oil for arthritis.

This essential oil has anti-pain and anti-inflammatory compounds that help to reduce both joints and muscle pain.

The active ingredient called gingerol is believed to contain these potent ingredients which can reduce swelling and discomfort in the affected areas.

For best results mix Ginger with frankincense or lavender essential oil. In addition to that, rub the mixture on the painful area.

You can as well make a warm compress with ginger and place it on your stiff joints. It will enhance flexibility and relieve pain.

Add eight drops of ginger essential oil and four drops of lavender or wild orange oil to 1 tsp carrier oil. Massage the oil mixture on the painful areas for relief.

2.Marjoram essential oil for arthritis.

This oil has analgesic as well as anti- sporadic properties that make it excellent for reducing joint pain as well as a muscle spasm.

It has a relaxing and anti-inflammatory reaction to irritated nerves and inflamed joints. Marjoram oil can also help reduce muscle spasms, promote sleep and relieve anxiety.

It works well when combined with other essential oils for pain. Add four drops of marjoram oil to three drops of lavender and massage on the skin.

You can also add a few drops mixed with a carrier oil to your bath water.

3.Turmeric essential oil for arthritis

This potent spice is not only useful in making culinary dishes but is also beneficial for health. Turmeric essential oil is excellent for reducing pain and muscle spasms on achy swollen joints.

Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric aids in preventing inflammation and enhancing blood circulation in the affected areas. It helps to promote stability as well as enhance quick healing.

Turmeric works best when used with a cream. Mix 8-10 drops turmeric oil and five drops of frankincense or peppermint oil to a good cream. Massage a small amount on the painful joint.

You can also diffuse turmeric essential oil for its added health benefits. Besides, you can add turmeric oil to warm bath water and soak in it for at least 30 minutes.

4.Rosemary essential oil for arthritis.

Arthritis not only affects the joint but the cartilage and the areas surrounding it too.

Rosemary oil has anti-inflammatory and analgesic compounds that can help reduce pain as well as the progression of arthritis. It also helps to reduce tightness and stiffness on the joints as well as the surrounding tissues.

Mix a few drops of rosemary and lavender oil. Use this blend to massage the painful joints or muscles.

5.Cayenne essential oils for relieving arthritis pain.

The active ingredient in cayenne is capsin. It has both analgesics and anti-inflammatory properties that can help with arthritis.

Cayenne can relieve pain on joints, back, muscles, and nerves when applied topically on the painful areas. It also facilitates the flow of blood around the painful joints.

Cayenne essential oils take time to show any relief, hence should be applied for quite some time.

Add a few drops to an organic cream and rub on the area. Please do not use this oil on open cuts as it can irritate the areas.

6.Lavender essential oils for arthritis.

This oil has both analgesic and anti-inflammatory compounds that can help reduce symptoms of arthritis. It can improve blood flow to the affected areas as well as fight inflammation.

Lavender oil is also very soothing and relaxing; it can help improve sleep especially if pain interferes with your sleep. It also helps to reduce stress or anxiety levels.

Mix it with a few drops of frankincense, and oil carrier oil. Again massage the mixture on the skin for relief.

A clinical study evaluating the effect of lavender oil on pain shows how effective lavender is at relieving pain.

The patients with osteoarthritis of the knee who applied the oil on the painful areas daily for three weeks reported a significant reduction in pain.

None of the patients encountered any side effects during the trial. This study proves that lavender can be useful for relieving arthritis pain without causing any adverse reaction.

7.Marjoram essential oils for arthritis pain relief.

This oil has antispasmodic and analgesic properties that make it excellent for easing muscle spasms and joint pain.

It can also help to reduce swelling and tension in inflamed areas. Furthermore, it helps to minimize stiffness in those places too.

Marjoram is also excellent for calming and relaxing cramps on aching limbs and sore muscles.

Just add a few drops to a carrier oil and massage on the painful areas for relief. You can also diffuse this oil to purify the air and open your airways.

8.Clary sage essentials oil for arthritis pain relief.

Clary sage has powerful healing properties. The chemical compounds in clary sage have got analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

These qualities make it useful for relieving pain, swelling, and muscle spasms. It also has high contents of antioxidants which help to remove free radicals and toxins from the body.

Mix some drops of clary sage with a carrier oil and apply on the painful areas. Carly sage is very potent, do not use too much.

9. Tyme essential oil for arthritis.

It has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties that make it great for relieving pain, inflammation, and spasm. This oil has relaxing and sedating effects that help numb pain.

Tyme is perfect for increasing the circulation of blood and oxygen around the affected joints. The adequate flow of blood helps to nourish and strengthen the bones.

This oil also helps lower stress, treat respiratory problems, and boost sleep. Mix three drops of thyme with half a teaspoon of any carrier oil and rub on the skin. You can also put some drops of thyme into your bath water or diffuse it.

10.Myrrh essential oil.

Myrrh is obtained from gum resin. It has abundant medicinal properties and has been used in the treatment of pain and inflammatory conditions for decades. Myrr has analgesics and anti-inflammatory effects on painful joints and muscles.

Studies show that it works best when used with other anti-inflammatory essential oils like frankincense.

When combined with other oils, they produce a synergist effect and help to slow down the progression of arthritis. It is perfect for sedating and calming, hence can be used to induce sleep too.

Mix equal drops of myrrh and frankincense essential oil with a carrier oil then rub on the skin.

Things to consider before using any essential oils for arthritis.

Talk to your doctor before adding any essential oil to your treatment. Though most essential oils are safe, some can react with your medications or any health conditions you are experiencing.

Make sure you perform a skin test before applying any oil to your body. Essential oils are potent; they can still react to your skin even after diluting them with a carrier oil.

If you notice any irritations that last for a long time, stop using the essential oil.

Do not use essential oil for a long time, say three weeks. Prolonged use makes them less potent and toxic. Try to alternate the oils after some time.

Always remember to buy essential oils from a reputable and certified essential oil vendor. Make sure the oil is 100%pure and preferably organic.

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