Headache Relief compress using essential oils.

Headache Relief compress can be effective at relieving pain caused by a headache. The compress you choose to use can either be cold or hot depending on the type of headache you are suffering from or what works to ease your pain.

What type of headache Relief compress should you choose?

A cold compress produces a numbing effect that can help calm the pain. A hot compress enhances blood flow to the affected areas and helps to relax the tensed muscles hence relieve pain.

If your pain is a result of a migraine, then a cold compress can be ideal especially at the onset of signs and symptoms of distress.

A headache compress can relieve a headache effectively when used in combination with essential oils. Most essential oils are natural and have no side effects if used correctly; they can help reduce a headache.

Do skin tests before you apply any directly on your skin and make sure you dilute them with a carrier oil.

When the cause of a headache is stress, then a hot compress can help. The heat can help dilate tensed blood vessels and enhance the flow of blood. The free flow of blood can reduce the tightening and constriction of blood vessels hence relieve pain.

Before using a cold or hot compress for headache relief, try to find the primary cause of your pain. Know what triggers it and what works better to relieve it.

Experiment with both cold and hot compresses to find one that works best for you. However, if you don’t experience any relief, please talk to your doctor about it for a long-lasting solution.

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Cold and Hot Headache Relief Compress.

How to make a headache relief compress.

Cold compress

You will need the following to make the compress.

Clean towel or ice pack.

Ice cold water

4 drops peppermint essential oil

4 drops lavender essential oil

¼ tsp coconut oil.

Damp a clean towel in ice-cold water or wet it and refrigerate for about 45 minutes and drain any excess water from it. You can as well use an ice pack instead of a towel if you like.
Mix the essential oils, and the coconut oil then rub it on your forehead.

Place the ice pack or the towel on your forehead for about 15-30 minutes or as long as you want for relief.

You can as well invest in a wearable ice pack if you frequently suffer from a headache or a migraine. A wearable ice pack is very convenient, it keeps the ice in place, and you can quickly move around with it without having to remove it.

Hot headache compress.

You will need

A clean towel or washcloth.

4 drops Frankincense essential oil

4 drops lavender essential oil

¼ tsp coconut oil

Place the towel or washcloth in warm water. Wring out any excess water.

Mix the oils and rub around your forehead then place the warm compress directly on the area and gently massage. You may need to warm the compress each time it feels cold to keep it warm.

Keep the compressing towel on the affected area for 15-30 minutes.

You can use a microwavable heating pad instead of a towel. The convenience of a heating pad is that you don’t have to reheat it while you are using it, the heating pad stays in place, and you can move around with it without having to hold it.

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