Healthy Mixed Vegetable Soup


Mixed vegetable soup Recipe-This mixed vegetable soup makes a healthy addition to your diet. It helps boost your intake of vegetables. In addition to that,it contains important nutrients your body needs to be healthy.

This vegetable soup serves as an excellent source of vitamins such as vitamin A and c necessary for the maintenance of cells and tissues in addition to improving the immune system.

Coconut milk is highly nutritious too. It helps to strengthen your body’s immune system and prevent diseases. It has healthy saturated fatty acids and calories. These fatty acids can aid in weight loss and reduce the risk of heart disease furthermore it improves your hair and skin.

Coconut milk also contains lauric and capric acid which have antibacterial and antiviral properties. This helps your body to fight diseases.

You get a variety of nutrients and health-promoting compounds from different vegetables in one bowl.

What can you serve with mixed vegetable soup?

This mixed vegetable soup can be served with rice, tacos, bread, sweet potatoes or you can have it as appetizer or side dish.

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Healthy Mixed Vegetable Soup


  • Author: Edna
  • Total Time: 30
  • Yield: 4
  • Diet: Vegan


This healthy creamy mixed vegetable soup is hearty and simple to make. You can enjoy it with cooked rice, quinoa, or as an appetizer.


2 medium carrots chopped

1 garlic clove minced

1 ½ rib celery thinly chopped

½ cup tomato paste

2 medium potatoes cut into ¼ inches

1 cup vegetable broth (low sodium) or cold water

½ cup organic coconut milk or any dairy-free milk

Salt to taste

¼ tsp pepper (optional)

One  cup frozen or fresh green peas

1 cup frozen /fresh green beans Chopped

1 cup of organic frozen or fresh sweet corn.

Chopped parsley or cilantro. (optional)


1.Wash your vegetables in clean running water

2. Boil or steam all the vegetables, except the minced garlic, onions, tomatoes paste, and your herbs in a steamer for ten minutes.

3.Heat oil in a large saucepan over medium heat.

4. Add onions, minced garlic, and sauté for 4 minutes, then add the tomatoes paste and the steamed/boiled vegetables stirring often. Sauté a minute longer.

5. Pour the vegetable broth or water and bring to boil. Simmer for 2 minutes.

6. Add coconut milk and bring to boil. Reduce heat to low, add your herbs and allow to simmer, uncovered until all the vegetables have blended well and cooked.

7. Add salt and pepper to taste.

8. Serve warm.



You can add more broth or water if you do not like it thick.

  • Prep Time: 10
  • Cook Time: 20
  • Category: Soup
  • Cuisine: American

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Healthy Mixed Vegetable Soup

This soup is not only delicious, but it is easy to make too. My husband loves its creamy and flavorful taste. I make it every Saturday, and he enjoys eating it with cooked rice, and so do I.

Make it today; it is good for you.

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