20 Healthy Foods making you fat

Healthy foods making you fat-20 you should know

Healthy foods making you fat? Read more to learn why?

Healthy foods making you fat are commonplace, could be you are eating one right now but wondering how it can make you fat.

The more you exercise and follow a healthy diet plan, the more you gain or don’t lose any weight at all. I believe you are wondering why your efforts are not bearing any fruits. The answer could be in your food choices or the additives in your diet.

You may be asking yourself, what should I eat then? The truth is, you do not have to cut out these foods from your diet, but the key is to eat them in moderation. Incorporate other healthy foods too to help you lose even more.

The healthy diet you eat could be having some high amounts of hidden sugars and fats which you are not aware of, but you keep eating thinking that they are healthy.

Below is the list of 20 healthy foods that could be making you fat.

1. Fruits and vegetable smoothies can make you fat.

Fruits are generally healthy; they are nutrient-dense and are full of fiber but are very low in fiber. When consumed whole they can help you lose weight even faster.

When you add milk, nuts, and sweeteners to the smoothies, they add extra calories. These additives contain added sugars and fats which may contribute to weight gain.

Drink smoothies in moderation or blend them without adding any sugars or fats.

3.Vegetable chips and dried fruits.

Most vegetable chips and dried fruits lack fiber because they require high temperatures to prepare. These high temperatures kill nutrients and destroy fiber.

To make them “healthy,” and sweet, manufacturers add synthetic chemicals, sugars, and preservatives that are harmful to your health.

In addition to that, they add hydrogenated fat, high sodium, artificial sweeteners, and flavorings too. These additives make vegetable chips and dried fruits more calorie-dense and unhealthy.

Eat unprocessed fruits and vegetables as a whole with their fiber and nutrients unaltered.

4. Sweeteners can make you fat.

Most people think that sweeteners are healthier compared to refined sugars; on the contrary, they are not. Sweetness contains sugar too.

They are high in the glycemic index, they lack fiber and are calorie-dense. These foods can also cause a spike in insulin Just like ordinary sugar. In addition to that, they can cause dependence and unnecessary cravings.

Use sweetness in moderation. Taking sweeteners regularly with your drinks can contribute to an increase in calories and weight gain.

5.Unprocessed and grass-fed animal meats

These could be among foods making you fat. Most animal products such as meat, poultry, and fish lack fiber and tend to be high in calories even when they are untreated.

They also have a high content of saturated fats and sodium. These may contribute to an increase in your cholesterol levels and can as well cause a spike in your insulin levels.

Eat meat in moderation if you have to. Always go for the lean, fat-free cuts which should be low in sodium too.

6.Breakfast cereals.

20 Healthy foods making you fat

Cereals are a breakfast favorite of many people but did you know they can make you fat. Most cereals have high amounts of refined sugars, grains, and fats which can contribute to weight gain.

Most brands have artificial flavorings and chemicals added to them during their preparation. These additives can contribute to an increase in cholesterol and insulin levels in the blood.

Always go for whole grain cereals and read the labels to ensure that you are buying brands that are very low in fat and sugars.

7.Sandwiches and buggers.

Most people consider sandwiches and buggers to be healthy. That may or might not be true depending on what is underneath the bread.

The added fats and sugars in the form of cheese, eggs, meat, and flavoring condiments such as ketchup may contribute to the addition of unwanted calories.

Though the bread may have only 100 calories, an addition of condiments beneath it can add extra calories and fats which can contribute to weight gain if eaten frequently.

Sandwiches can still be healthy if you go for whole wheat bread instead of refined ones and reduce the number of additives you put on it. Go for the low-calorie condiments and meats but instead add more vegetables and greens.

Veg they are rich in nutrients and fiber but are very low in calories. They also help increase satiation which helps to prevent overeating.

8. Dairy products and eggs can make you fat

Dairy products and eggs contain high amounts of proteins but may not be as healthy as most people think.

Most farmers feed their farm animals growth hormones and steroids to enhance their growth. Animal products such as milk, and eggs are not an exception; they are laced with these hormones too.

The added hormones can contribute to the development of cancer, weight gain, and other cardiovascular diseases.

Some cancer studies show that most dairy products such as milk can cause an increase in breast and prostate cancer.

Dairy products and eggs can contribute to elevated blood cholesterol and fat in the blood which can cause an increase in weight too.

Go for low-fat dairy products from grass-fed cows instead of full-fat milk and consume them less frequently. You can as well remove dairy products and eggs from your diet too.

9.Diet soft drinks and sugar-free juices

Diet drinks and sugar-free juices are full of artificial sweeteners such as aspartame which are thought to be low in calories which may be true or not.

The problem with most sweeteners is that they increase your craving for sugar and the temptation to consume more which may add some extra pounds in the long run.

Diet drinks and sugar-free juices lack fiber which is excellent for increasing metabolism and suppressing appetite.

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10. Diet packaged foods can make you fat.

These are among healthy foods making you fat because the majority of most diet packaged foods can make you fat.

These foods are often over-processed and have high amounts of preservatives and chemicals added to them. Most are also low in nutrients but are very high in calories and fat.

Read labels before buying and pick the ones with fewer ingredients and calories if you have to. Alternatively, you can include fresh nutrient-dense foods in your diet.

11.Energy and granola bars.

These energy-boosting bars can contribute to weight gain. Most contain nuts, dried fruits, seeds, chocolate, and sweeteners.

These additives have some hidden sugars and fats which will only pack more calories to your body and cause weight gain.

Eat energy bars in moderation and only go for those that are low in fat, sugar, and calories. You can as well make your energy and granola bars with fewer calories at home.

12. Chocolate could be making you fat.

This is a delicacy of most people especially ladies. I used to love and crave them too before I discovered they were causing my acne breakouts.

Chocolates are high in the glycemic index and can increase blood sugar levels.

In addition to that, they contain high amounts of refined sugars, fat, artificial flavors, and chemical additives which can contribute to weight gain when eaten in large quantities.

On the contrary, the high amounts of antioxidants in chocolate especially dark chocolate can be beneficial at preventing heart disease. Try to eat them in moderation to enjoy their benefits.

13. Vegan pizzas and burgers can make you fat.

Can these cause weights gain too? Yes, they can. This could be the reason why some people who transition to a vegan/vegetarian diet claim they are not able to lose much weight and keep it off.

The added fats and sugars in the form of condiments and flavorings such as cheese, butter, and sauces can add some extra calories to your vegetable pizzas or burgers.

In addition to that, the pizzas and burgers are made using refined flour which is high in the glycemic index and can cause a spike in your glucose levels.

If your goal is to lose weight, add fewer condiments to your veggie burgers and pizzas. Buy those made from whole grains.

13. Tuna and bacon salads can be making you fat.

20 healthy foods making you fat

These are some of the healthy foods making you fat. Tuna and bacon are generally high in saturated fats and chemicals. Adding creamy dressings to them makes them, even more, calorie-dense thus they can cause weight gain.

These foods also have high amounts of sodium which can contribute to sodium build up in the body and may increase your risk of developing stroke, high blood pressure and other complications.

Try to avoid adding creamy dressings to bacon or tuna salad if you must have them.

14. Frozen fruits could be making you fat.

Fruits are very high in nutrients, fiber, and minerals more so when they are still fresh. Freezing them may destroy their nutrient and fiber contents.

In addition to that, most frozen fruits have high amounts of added sugars and preservatives that can cause weight gain.

Try to eat fruits whole and fresh to get all their vital nutrients as well as fiber.

15. Flavored coffee can be making you fat.

Flavored coffee could be making you fat.

Drinking Coffee in moderation is healthy for you especially when it is from good quality coffee beans free from pesticides. It is good for your heart as well as your liver.

This healthy beverage can cause weight gain as a result of the addition of extra sugars or sweeteners, and creamy milk latte. These additives add unnecessary extra calories to it which can make you gain weight in the long run.

It is okay to drink once in a while but remember when you are trying to lose weight, calorie count matters.

Try to drink coffee in moderation but if you can’t, consume it plain or add very few extras to it.

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16.Creamy salad dressings.

Salads are very healthy and versatile. They are easy to make and hardly require any cooking. These salads may be contributing to your weight gain without you knowing.

The problem is not the salad itself but the creamy dressing you add to it. These dressings may contain extra fat which only makes you gain weight. Fat may be in the form of cheese, butter, or cream.

Use moderate amounts of healthy oils such as olive oil and vinegar instead of adding the heavy creamy dressings if you want to lose weight.

17. Frozen yogurt could be making you fat.

Yogurt contains probiotics and healthy bacteria that are suitable for a healthy gut. Though they may be low in calories compared to store-bought ice cream, they provide added sugars, artificial additives, and flavors which can contribute to weight.

To avoid adding the extra calories, try to watch your portion sizes, avoid the ones with added sugars, and choose fruits for your toppings instead of chocolate or whipped cream.

18.Canned soups and broths

Soups are among the healthy foods making you fat. They are very easy to make and are very satisfying but did you know they can make you fat?
Most canned soups and broth contain processed ingredients, fats, and artificial preservatives.

In addition to that, they have high contents of sodium which can cause water retention in the body.

Make homemade soups and broths instead of the canned ones or dilute the canned ones with water before consuming them.

19. Energy drinks can make you fat.

These drinks are great for athletes and people involved in strenuous activities but are not required too often by ordinary people.

Most of the energy drinks have added sugars, artificial flavorings, and colors which only add extra calories.

The sugars can also cause an increase in blood sugar levels and may cause weight gain or diabetes.

20. Baked and Fried foods can make you fat

20 Foods making you fat.

Cookies, cakes, muffins, fried chicken, chips, and creamy gravies are not doing your weight loss objective any good.

Most baked and fried foods contain sugars and fats which can contribute to an increase in bad cholesterol and an increase in extra calories which only causes weight gain.

Do not eat these foods quite often and eat in moderation.


Eating the right food is vital for successful weight loss. Healthy foods can help accelerate your weight loss journey; however, the method of preparation and the ingredients added to these foods may be a hindrance to your goals.

You can still eat these foods but try to watch the type and amount of ingredients you add to them during their preparation. Always remember to count your calories and eat in moderation.

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