Lavender oil insomnia blends are known for relaxing and calming the body. They are commonly used in most cases to promote or infuse sleep. They can as well reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Lack of sleep can frustrate and jeopardize your health drastically, besides it can be deadly in severe cases. In addition to that, it can lead to irritability and lack of concentration. Insomnia can as well contribute to low energy, low sex drive, and mood swings.

Causes of insomnia.

There are various causes of insomnia most of which can contribute to poor health. Therefore, it is advisable to talk to your primary care physician if you feel like a particular health condition is affecting your sleep and needs medical attention.

Here are some of the causes of sleeplessness.

Health conditions such as chronic pain or asthma

Some prescription drugs

Eating heavy meals late in the night

Watching TV late in the night



Unhealthy and irregular sleeping habits

Insomnia often contribute to

Road accidents

Poor judgment

Problems focusing

Weight gain

High chances of developing diabetes

Heart disease

Weak immune system

Are these Lavender oil insomnia blends effective?

The lavender essential oil has been praised for its effectiveness in reducing insomnia for decades. It can put you into a restful sleep after a few minutes of diffusing or applying it on the body.

Lavender Essential oils insomnia blends enhance the strength and also improve the effectiveness of these essential oils. As a result, making them better at relieving insomnia and anxiety.

Essential oils can be used in different ways, but in this post, I am going to briefly mention four different ways you can use these blends.

You can either inhale these lavender insomnia blends through the nose or by diffusing them. In addition to that, they can as well be sprayed on surfaces such as beds. You can also apply them topically to the body by massaging them directly on the skin. Moreover, you can add them in your bathwater, and, or foot baths to increase their absorption.

8 Lavender Essential Oil Blends for Insomnia Relief.

How to do an essential oil test

I prefer experimenting with essential oils before using them in order to test their effectiveness or check whether I can tolerate them.F or this reason, I would advise that you experiment with these essential oil blends too before you use or blend them.

To begin with,


First, inhale or sniff the oils. This will help you access whether you like the fragrance and can tolerate it or not.

It is equally essential to know that, if you experience any allergic reactions or irritations such as sneezing with essential oil, stop using it immediately. On the contrary, you should only use such oils when you are certain that you can tolerate them.

Do a Skin patch test

Secondly, conduct a skin patch test over a small region of your skin. For example, Rub a drop of the essential oil on your palm.

Apply it on a small surface of your skin. Again if you notice any sensitivity or irritation that lasts for more than five to ten minutes, do not use the oil. Wash the affected area with water and some mild soap.

Always remember to never use an essential oil on the skin surface without diluting it with a carrier oil. This is because these oils can cause skin irritations.


Thirdly, diffuse your essential oils, besides it is the best way you can inhale the oils. It is advisable that you only combine a few different essential oils at the beginning.

Preferably blend two or three essential oil of your choice in your diffuser if you are just getting started with aromatherapy. Thereafter, you can add more oils as you get more acquainted.

Add them to your bath water.

Finally, You can as well add essential oils to your bathwater, sprays, or any DIY recipes like in soap making.

Aromatherapy baths can help relax your body and mind. Add a few drops of essential oil together with a carrier oil of your choice to your bathwater. To make them more effective add some Epsom salt and or milk.

Try these methods and pick one that works best for you.

Lavender essential oil insomnia relief blends can help you overcome obstacles such as stress that can prevent you from having a good night’s sleep.

1.Lavender, chamomile, and Sweet orange essential oil blend.

This Lavender oil blend relaxes and calms the body. I always sleep like a baby after a warm bath soak.

For this blend, you will need;

Four drops of lavender essential oil 

Two drops of Roman chamomile essential oil

Two drops of sweet orange essential oil.

Fill your diffuser with distilled water.

Add Roman chamomile, lavender and orange essential oils to the diffuser and turn it on.

Thereafter, Let the diffuser run for about two to three hours, or you can run it overnight.

Roman Chamomile oil helps to relax the brain, the nervous system, and muscles. In addition to these, it can relieve anxiety and promote sleep.

Not only is this blend good at promoting sleep but it is also essential for relieving muscle tension, and anxiety.

Other ways to use this blend.

The blend spray.

In the same fashion, combine lavender, Roman chamomile, and orange essential oils in a spray bottle. Roll or gently shake the bottle to mix the oils and then spray the blend under your pillow or on your bed before bedtime.

Lavender, chamomile, sweet orange essential oil massage

Rub a mixture of one drop of each essential oil together, that is orange, lavender, and chamomile at the palm of your hands.

Always remember to dilute the blend with one to two drops of a carrier oil such as almond oil or jojoba oil or any other oil of your choice. Massage the mixture on your shoulders, forehead, spine, feet, and as well as at the back of your neck.

Lavender Chamomile, sweet orange oil bath blend.

For this you will need;

1 cup of fresh milk

2 tablespoon Epsom salt

6 drops of lavender essential oil

1-2 drops of Roman chamomile essential oil

2 drops of sweet orange essential oil.

Mix the milk, Epsom salt and the essential oils in a bowl

After that fill your bathtub with warm water

To the water, add the blend and mix well

Soak yourself in the water for about 15 to 30 minutes and take a bath.

Go to bed immediately after the bath.

Enjoy a restful sleep.

 2.Lavender, cedarwood essential oil blend.

Cedarwood is an excellent sedative and can help relieve symptoms of anxiety and insomnia.

For this blend, you will need

5 drops of cedarwood essential oil

Five drops of lavender essential oil.

1-2 teaspoons of a carrier oil of your choice if you prefer to apply it on the skin.

Cedarwood essential oil’s scent is somehow naturally woody, and when mixed with lavender, you get a fantastic aroma that soothes and relaxes the body.

You can blend these two essential oils and diffuse them or spray them in your bedroom or even under or on your pillow.

You can as well massage the blend with a carrier oil around your neck and on your heels.

3.Lavender, and vanilla essential oil blend.

This is another great lavender oil blend for insomnia.Vanilla essential oil can relax and calm your brain, especially after a stressful day. It makes a nice blend with lavender essential oil that will quickly induce sleep.

The smell from it is refreshing and can help lower the stress hormones in your body and therefore improve your moods.

In order to achieve maximum benefits, it is recommended to mix the lavender essential oil and vanilla essential oil, thereafter diffuse the blend for two to three hours.

For this blend, you will need to add,

Four drops of lavender essential oil

4 drops of vanilla essential oil.

Use the blend in your diffuser or spray it in your bedroom. Coupled with that, you can blend these essential oils and used them for 10 – 20-minute in your bath soaks before going to bed.

4.Jasmine and lavender essential oil insomnia blend.

Jasmine essential oil is good at relieving anxiety and restlessness. This is because of its ability to relax and calm nerves and muscles. In addition to that, it can also help reduce symptoms of insomnia.

For diffusing, you will require

Four drops of jasmine essential oil

Four drops of lavender essential oil

Two drops of Roman chamomile essential oil

Diffuse for 2-3 hours or throughout the night for a good night sleep.

For the purpose of applying the blend on your skin, you can as well add a few drops of a carrier oil like coconut to one drop of each essential oil for the blend. Thereafter massage your body around your neck, forehead, and shoulders.

In like manner, spray the mixture on your bed or on your bedding. Inhale the fragrance as you relax so as to fall asleep faster.

Use  4 drops of each of the essential oil in your bath water for a 15-30 minute bath soak and go to bed afterward.

5.Lavender and Frankincense essential oil blend.

Frankincense essential oil just like lavender has a lot of therapeutic uses that help to promote sleep. It reduces stress and anxiety. It can lower your heart rate and in the same manner lower your blood pressure levels especially when you are suffering from chronic stress.

When Frankincense oil is combined with lavender essential oil and a carrier oil, it will help you snooze faster.

For the blend you will need;

4 drops of frankincense essential oil

4 drops of Lavender essential oil

Diffuse for 2-3 hours or overnight

You can also combine 2 drops of lavender and frankincense essential oil, add few drops of a carrier oil. Apply this blend around your neck, shoulders, and at the bottom of your feet.

6. Valerian and lavender essential oil blend

Valerian essential oil has sedative properties hence can relieve insomnia. It becomes more effective when combined with lavender oil and therefore can help calm your body to a restful sleep.

In your diffuser add,

2 drops of Valerian essential oil

2 drops of Lavender essential oil

Diffuse this blend for 1-2 hours before going to bed.

If you prefer topical application like me, then add a few drops of your carrier oil to 2 drops of Valerian oil and 2 drops of lavender essential oil. Rub this mixture on the temple of your head, chest, your neck, and forehead before going to sleep.

7. Vetiver and lavender essential oil blend.

Vetiver essential oil is good at calming the nervous system. It can as well relieve anxiety and insomnia. In order to promote sleep faster, hence use it with lavender essential oil even when you are feeling anxious or restless.

For this blend, add

4 drops of vetiver  essential oil

4 drops of lavender essential oil

Diffuse, for two to three hours.

You can as well apply two drops of vetiver, two drops of lavender essential oil and a carrier oil topically on your neck, forehead, and feet in order to release the inhibitors of quality sleep.

8. Ylang ylang and lavender essential oil blend.

Another effective lavender oil blend for insomnia. Ylang Ylang scent is fruity hence when combined with lavender it helps block negative emotional triggers to sleep. This oil blend can calm your nerves and reduce tension in the body.

You will need;

4 drops of lavender essential oil

4 drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil

Diffuse before bed, or add this to your bath or you can as well apply it topically around your neck and forehead.

Choose your blend from the choices above and give it a try.

I hope you get complete relief from insomnia and start enjoying your sleep.

Let me know if any of these blends helped. If you know of any other lavender essential oil blend for insomnia that I have not mentioned, you are welcome to share in the comments below.


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