Meet Edna

Meet Edna


Welcome and thanks for visiting my blog.

My name is Edna; I am a wife, a mom, and a blogger. We live in Texas with my husband and our two sons Jonathan and Jeremy. I am a teacher by profession though I currently don’t teach in any institution.

I have learned that the food I eat has a great impact on my health, hence I should be mindful of what I eat. I had a long struggle with arthritis and acne but after adopting a plant-based diet my health has tremendously improved. My face is clearer and the arthritis pain in my joints is very minimal. I feel much better and healthier.

My long struggle with health challenges and pain has taught me to appreciate the healing power of food and different natural approaches to solving health challenges

In my pursuit for answers, I have come to realize that some solutions to my health problems can be found right in my kitchen and the food I eat.

I have learned to prepare a variety of simple inexpensive plant-based meals at home which has tremendously cut our grocery budget in half. I am glad I embraced this new way of eating which I love, though my family is still struggling to embrace it fully.

My goal is to share these ideas with those struggling with their health, and I have found blogging to be the best platform for doing so.

Why did I name my blog “”?

Being a mother can be challenging and quite demanding sometimes, but the resilience, handwork, and dedication moms put to bring up a family is beyond measure.

I dedicate this blog to moms who love their families and their roles as mothers, wives, caregivers, and advocates to their families.

Mothers who strive to do their best to prepare healthy meals, check on their families’ well-being and are determined to keep them healthy. Thank you for all you do, keep doing so, and never give up loving your life as a mom.

Why I blog.

I started a blog to help moms and other people like you learn ways to take charge of their health using natural solutions and foods.

I share ideas and tips on how to choose and prepare healthy plant-based meals from fresh ingredients, and how to use essential oils to solve health problems.


I love cooking, making DIYs, traveling, and watching basketball. I also like listening to Country music and doing outdoor activities like gardening. We have a small garden in my backyard where I grow a variety of vegetables to supplement our grocery budget.

What you will learn from my blog

  • How to prepare healthy plant-based meals.
  • Make healthy food choices.
  • How to Make and use natural essential oils to improve your health and home.

Are you interested in learning how to prepare healthy plant-based meals for your family, make healthy food choices, and discovering different ways to improve your health using essential oils?

If your answer is yes,then these posts can be helpful to you.

Simple Chickpea corn salad

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  1. You used to make this face cream that you had on Pinterest. It has recently been removed. My daughter loves it so much. It was the DIY Acne Healing Moisturizer with Aloe Vera gel. Would you be able to email the recipe please? Thanks so much I love your new website.

    Take care,

    • Hi Gina, I am glad your daughter loved the acne moisturizer. I am sorry I deleted it and other natural beauty
      DIY on my previous site since I am trying to narrow down a bit. I thought I had saved the recipe on my google drive but I have not been successful trying to retrieve it probably google deleted it with other old posts. The recipe
      requires:2 Tbsp aloe vera gel,5 drops Frankincense essential oil,10 drops tea tree oil,10 drops rosehip or grapeseed oil (Try either grape seed or rosehip oil)to identify one that works best for you. Whisk the mixture thoroughly to combine. Apply on clean face twice a day. I hope this helps.

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