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Privacy policy

Privacy Policy!

myplantpowerplate copyright and its affiliates own all content and images on this blog for use on this site only. Unauthorized use or republication of any content from this blog on other websites or media without my permission is prohibited.

Content and media 

If you intend to use any content, images, or anything on this blog in any way, be courteous to give full and clear credit to the author. Writing and adding images to a post requires hard work and determination.

Therefore it is not fair to earn from another person’s hard work or where you did not sow. Please refrain from this habit. It only pays for a short while, or it might ruin your reputation.

Personal information

I promise to keep any personal information or email address like my treasure. I will not use your information in any illegal practices to profit myself or share it with any third parties. Trust me on this.

I also do not collect any information whenever you visit my blog other than when analyzing my content with the use of cookies which you can turn off from your browser settings at any time. 

This privacy policy is subject to change at the discretion of the website owner without any notice.

Read more: Terms and conditions.

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